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In a sentence, this one sums me up:

I dropped out of a prestigious college to become a street musician, chose not to sign with major labels to instead live in East Africa, create content for international platforms & co-found an independent collective with such unexpected success that we were invited by Yale University to headline perform & guest lecture - So, a few years after leaving my dream college, an ever better one paid me to come back. 

I lead with this because, growing up in Los Angeles, you either become a master bullshitter or a master at calling out bullshit.

And I am unflinchingly the latter. This commitment to authenticity has been key in developing a diverse roster of immersive mixed-media projects from concept and strategy to final delivery in association with RevoltTV, New York Fashion Week, Red Bull, Ciroc, Absolute, Jameson, etc.

Though my first industry internship was at age 13 and I've since been no stranger to the administrative end of corporate entertainment, I learned my craft & earned my stripes in the trenches. Zig zagging the map, I've worked with clients to develop brand vision into tangible results for both high profile imprints and newborn start ups alike. As my professional toolbox and work experience has expanded from Performing Artist to Content Creator to Creative Director to Video Editor to Director - I additionally started producing & co-hosting events in the metaverse, designing a brand worn by Erykah Badu & Lupita Nyong'o and life coaching clients through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 

If I hadn't dropped out of college, I'd never have had enough time for so many life lessons. And that's my work ethic & ethos in a snapshot - 

I might choose the unconventional route, but I'll probably still beat ya there.

~ Marushka Tihane Mujić


"I walked into this documentary not necessarily knowing how to communicate to my audience... how to articulate the message that I was delivering... one of the biggest compliments I can give Marushka tihane mujić is that she was able to walk me through the process."
kwaku brown | mi daakye non profit organization

"I just watched (my brand video) and fell in love with you
- and with me."

Courtney Poulos | acme real estate

"A blessing to work with... It's one thing to have a vision and to have ideas but it's another thing to be able to find an individual to interpret that vision and
interpret your dreams visually... "

staci sherri | New York fashion week


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