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I am a multi-disciplinary artist, creative director and facilitator,

deeply influenced by my mixed culture heritage and nomadic upbringing. 

My mother’s Polynesian culture raised us to sing chants, dance prayers, perform poems & “talk story” - but also, to design the costumes, decorate the stage & host the gatherings. When I moved from Northshore Oahu back to the mainland as a young girl to attend school in Los Angeles, California - I translated this diverse artistry into my training in Theatre & Dance Conservatoires; writing, producing, directing, costume designing, performing & leading workshops. 


In young adulthood, I attended NYU TIsch as a Theatre major before leaving to tour professionally as a Singer/Songwriter. While traveling to East Africa to facilitate a series of artists workshops at local schools, I fell in love with both Kenya and the art of filmmaking - which then became a decade of my life, working and collaborating on the African continent. 


During this time, I became a leading creative at media company, What’s Good Networks, creative directing, producing & originating content for culturally collaborative experiences in partnership with Revolt TV, Redbull, EABL and many others. 


I also co-founded two multi-cultural art collectives - the first of which (Cosmic Homies) was invited to represent Kenya on the SXSW stage 

during the year of Barak Obama’s keynote, to perform & facilitate workshops at Yale University and to feature in global press such as, Okay Africa, MixMag, Stamp The Wax, etc. 


My second collective (Kiumbe Kulture), specializing in design, wearable art and large scale sculptural installation, has created jewelry for living legends like Erykah Badu & Lupita Nyong’o, featured in New York Fashion Week, VOGUE Italia, Sports Illustrated, Kampala Fashion Week, Tribal Chic, etc and continues to create custom orders for private clients, contract large scale installations and curate exhibitions. 


Throughout my journey to synthesize my creative influences and skillsets into a cohesive career, I became a student and certified practitioner of certain personal development methodologies, namely NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Driven by a desire to provide practical tools and pathways for people to discover their purpose, empower their passions and breakthrough any limiting beliefs preventing them from achieving their own ambitions, emerging from collaborations with creative visions foundations and agape youth summit, I’ve designed simple workshop series and one on one sessions to facilitate new patterings around self worth, empowerment & communication.  


for me, creative bliss is fusing my favorite mediums together as a creative director for groundbreaking brands, cross-culture collaborations and content-driven experiences. Additionally, I enjoy hosting exhibitions for my own mixed-media performances & spotlighting international artists - both live and virtually - as a proud, early adopter of crypto art, NFTs & the metaverse. 

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