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Unlocking Flow in 75 mins

These sessions are for those who feel challenged by the task of actualizing creative ideas from concept to completion. Designed to locate and unlock the core issues that create feelings of anxiety, stress or overwhelm - These sessions focus on shifting perspective, leveraging challenges and harmonizing inner conflicts to achieve flow. 


Combining breathwork, easy movement in the body, guided meditation and creative practices that recalibrate your neurochemical balance and restore flow - This process leads to a deeper mastery of creative power, workflow and improved creative output.


Monthly packages include:

  • Sound Meditations, Guided Visualizations, Breathing Practices 

  • Weekly Creative Toolkits

$175 Introductory Session

$225 Regular Rate

*Rates remain at $175 when purchased as a monthly package of 4 sessions


Roadblock to Roadmap in 3 hours

This mini intensive session is designed to support creators seeking the quickest route to breakthroughs. In order to create a complete assessment of your specific goals, needs and blocks, clients submit a detailed intake form before meeting, providing any associated materials relating to the current project, idea or challenge at hand. During the session, we focus specifically on identifying, unblocking and optimizing your creative work flow as it relates to your immediate need and your long term goals. Working both practically and intuitively, we move through energetic blocks connected to limiting beliefs, anxiety and overwhelm and address practical blocks, such as ineffective strategies and limited resources.


You will walk away from this concentrated intensive with:

  • A complete roadmap for the next steps required to execute your vision

  • High quality recording of the session

  • Downloadable PDF materials customized for your project 

  • Curated recommendations of resources and content creation tools necessary to achieve your goal


Mini-Intensive Itinerary

3 hours (with a short break)


Hour 1 - Identifying

Laser focus on blocks

Clarifying conflicts 

Creating a new narrative

Hour 2 - Unblocking

Clearing old patterns

Shifting perspective

Uncovering limitations 

Hour 3 - Optimizing

Innovative strategies

Leveraging challenges

Improving effectiveness

$497 Individual 

$795 Group (Up to 4)

3 month Immersive

Rewiring Flow in 3 months

This coaching program is for creators called to explore complete creative transformation over a 3 month timeline. Each week provides a 1:1 session with additional exploratory exercises and creative practices to guide you through each month. Creative activities are combined with breathwork, guided meditation and easy movement to balance the mental, emotional and physical. By focusing on a specific project, goal, block or workflow style, this 3 month program provides a customized experience tailored to each individual’s needs to facilitate deeper states of breakthrough. 



Designed in a 3-part structure, each month is dedicated to a specific focus:



Month 1: Identifying


Rewiring our relationship to creativity requires a deeper understanding of the foundational beliefs that create our daily habits. With guided exploration, we can journey through the layers of our Identity to get a closer look at the inner workings running our lives. Discovering how we react to our creative impulses and identifying limiting patterns that hijack our flow is the first phase of creative transformation. 



Month 2: Unblocking


Once we’ve identified the ways in which we limit, undermine or sabotage our potential, we can begin the next phase of unblocking inner narratives and subconscious behaviors that disempower our creativity. By focusing on breath, body and voice, we move stagnant energy through our systems and free ourselves from broken feedback loops that prevent us from unlocking our peak potential. 


Month 3: Optimizing 


Having unblocked the internal narratives that no longer serve us, we can enter the third phase of optimizing our creative power with supportive structures, habits and routines that provide both flexibility and stability to leverage our creative temperaments. Identifying our foundational blocks, navigating our internal narratives and harmonizing our inner conflicts allows us to enter into the final phase of creative breakthrough - discovering our unique style of flow. Through exploratory exercises backed by Neuroscience, we can gain access to our inner creative genius and learn how to support him/her with a lifestyle optimized to enhance workflow and inner harmony.  


In addition to four 1:1 sessions each month, clients receive:

  • Sound Meditations, Guided Visualizations, Breathing Practices, Creative Toolkits

  • Access to additional consultation on creative projects throughout the program

  • Access to a privately curated, monthly masterclass with a featured guest teacher 

Payment plans available

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