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Kiumbe Kulture is a design company and lifestyle platform co-founded by Tihane, Dija and Jordan -

three diverse women, united by their dedication to the transformative power of creativity.


Kiumbe has been worn by living legends like Erykah Badu and Lupita Nyong'o and recently featured in one of the most groundbreaking issues of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, where Tyra Banks reappeared on the cover for the second time in her career, championing a body positive future for the beauty industry.


While accessorizing Gloria Wavamunno's catwalk collection for Kampala Fashion Week 2018, KIUMBE was featured in Vogue Italia. Invited to debut a complete original collection, KIUMBE hit the runway in East Africa's elite "Tribal Chic" fashion event hosted by Kenya's signature Tribe Hotel. Kiumbe has designed stages for iconic Kenyan events (Blinky Bill, Thrift Social), directed music videos (Barak Jacuzzi, Loa Myst), styled commercials and billboards (Tusker Lite, Two Rivers) and created the largest art installation in the biggest mall in East Africa. 

Kiumbe most recently collaborated on New York Fashion Week (September 2019),

accessorizing a runway collection and providing art direction for original video content

for African/American designer, Staci Sherri.

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