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eclipse season

West Africa is hot, spicy, healing.

i resonate.

steaming rain is throwing down in droves today,

like crystal daggers clicking across tin rooftops,

cutting to the heart of this eclipse season

i’ll spend here in Accra, Ghana.

on the flight over, i watched Bruce Lee for the trillionth time (*my endless childhood idol...)

his words, forever etched in my main frame, continue to develop as i do.

his wisdom is advice for all times, but especially ~ right now.

the pouring storm pushes my curtains around like scraps of paper.

wind crawls through unseen cracks in the corners of my room.

trees outside my pummeled window bend as if to break, but somehow never do.

my relief runs deep...

all week, sticky air clung to me, dry as a sea-starved sponge in the sweaty palm of this vast city. that's why the ecstatic rain, whirling dervish winds and contortionist coconut trees

feel like we're all sighing in sweet release of that strange unspoken tension.

storms have always strangely soothed me.

it's that primal natural power for me.

the power in all things that we like to pretend we've tamed.

that eventually roars an undeniable reminder that it still refuses to be controlled and demands to be honored.

somehow, in an instant the whole show disappears -

the earth is still, quiet and wet. as quickly as it came, it went.

welcome to eclipse season.

there will be stormy moments, mixed with sighs of sweet relief.

then more storms, then more release.

what we see will be subject to optical illusions. simple communication may feel like solving fucking riddles.

what we call identity will be even more vulnerable to crisis.

the intention is to shake us.

once shook, all we’ve been asking for has space to enter.

treat your heart like the doorway to your home:

simultaneously closed to predatory energies and open to those you love.

you get to set the access codes on your gates.

you can change the locks anytime. you are the maker of your own master keys. claim them.

these months will move like moonlight running through thick clouds,

playing tricks on all your fascinations.

find out what's false, by noticing:

what feels true.

pretending to control what can never be tamed is a total waste of time.

but if we approach it with presence & respect, we can flow with it… be water.

make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.

meanwhile, for the weird moods & meltdowns here's some medicine:

  1. a new song I made with Monty Tsunami when we serendipitously met on a tiny island in East Africa.

  2. two of my favorite new albums by fearless women who dgaf.

  3. a few gem songs from the artists I've been with in Ghana so far (*there will be so many more, be ready for that later).

  4. priceless insight to interpret/ navigate wtf's happening with the planets.

>>> NEW SONG I've Been Away OUT NOW everywhere <<<

>>> pour up Greentea Peng's bitches brew: MAN MADE <<<

>>> Remi Wolf's album We Love Dogs! will shake you loose <<<

>>> artists Worlasi x Juls are making sonic paintings <<<

>>> if you need to rage, here's a soundtrack from Kumerica <<<

>>> for post-rage relaxation - Efya x Tiwa Savage <<<

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