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shortcuts worth taking

breathing as a way to solve problems seems silly,

but soldiers are taught it's the first thing to do in any life threatening crisis.

breathing seems basic.

because we do it all the time.


most of our breathing is shallow & broken.

if breathing seems weird or you don't know where to begin on your own -

here's a GIF to use -

INHALE until the shape in the picture is complete...

EXHALE until it disappears....

Repeat for a few minutes (*or hours... depends, somedays are harder :)

when you want to do it while you're driving or away from a screen, you can inhale & exhale while counting up from 1-4 and then down from 4-1 in the same rhythm as the GIF.

if you have frequent headaches, tend to overthink, sleep strangely or just generally feel anxious about life (hey, 2020...)

try this breathing every morning and night for just a few minutes each.

it can even be done when you're brushing your teeth or making dinner!

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