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spring cleaning; inner space

spring cleaning sounds boring.

i know. 'cleaning' and 'sexy' don't usually run in the same sentence. but think of spiritual spring cleaning like... cleaning your place before someone sexy comes over. except this time 'your place' is your energy-body and the sexy person coming over is future-you.

then, think of this post as a care package full of photos, captions, music, a guided meditation i made for you, etc like a goodie bag of medicinal media prescriptions to soothe, stimulate & inspire the spring cleaning of your inner space.

the intention is to make more room for what you need, want & know you're ready for. during a time in the world when you likely feel powerless to so many unknowns & uncertainties ~

it feels like the perfect time to find, use & focus all the power we do have.

this power might seem small,

but it's mighty.

prescription #1:

a quick story about how i found my power hiding in plain sight...

"do you know your solar plexus is bleeding?"

she asked me so calmly. looking at me patiently, like someone speaking a foreign language, expecting due response. she was two decades older than me, but she seemed a hundred years younger. she was a friend's friend, recommended to help with the anxiety I'd been battling. she was also a "healer" ~ the kind of word I half gagged to say and rolled my eyes at just a few months before i met her. but she was helping me more than any doctor i'd met, so i was still coming back. and finally, i even listening.

"WTF is a solar plexus?" i said.

"think of it like the power source in your body," she replied, pointing to the space just above my belly button and below my chest. "like that big square part of your laptop charger. there's power running through the whole thing, but there's one area where it's central. that bit hooks up to the port and makes sure you hold the charge. that's your solar plexus."

"and yours," she said "is leaking..."

“if you're bleeding out energy, the stuff that’s supposed to be circulating inside of you is pouring out all over the place. your energy is your power. that's why you feel weak and unstable and then, you wonder why. ...sound familiar?"

it did.

i’d always felt like that.

i thought that's just how all people (*especially sensitive people) were supposed to feel.

no matter how much you recharge, you eventually wind up drained. right?

she nodded compassionately at my dumb struck silence. she was obviously used to people like me

*i.e. ~ most people ~ who are never taught how to take care of our energy bodies, let alone told we even have them.

thankfully, that day i learned about mine. and how to care for it.

and my life was the never same. today, that's what i'm sharing with you.

prescription #2:

a meditation for those who struggle to meditate (because that's still me)

a daily dose of meditation is strongly recommended. it doesn't have to be serious or scary, though. guided meditations are great for simplifying the inner cleaning process. just throw on headphones & find a chill spot:

prescription #3:

my top picks from people using sound as medicine

"A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world." John Locke

life in our world is noisy. hearing our own thoughts is a daily challenge.

and yes ~ finding silence in meditation is irreplaceable but ~ sound can be medicine, too.

personally, music is my lifeblood.

so for me, it’s all about finding the most nourishing and flavorful sonic prescriptions to keep me in “sound health" ~ mind, body & soul.

here's a selection to put in your medicine cabinet.

pop a few whenever you're in the mood.

i'll keep adding to the list each month!

prescription #4:

a single question that shook up my life with the search for three small words.

in this short & sweet video catch up >>> here

i share a specific question that continually pushes me past my comfort zone and into my truth, joy & greatness:

i also share invite details in the video for you to schedule a private hang out with me on a free "discovery call" ~

**which is just an artsy way of saying that we meet up online with the intention to clear out some energy you're ready to let go of, plug you back into your own power source & make more room in your inner space ~

so future-you can come over.

these images were photographed by Cherry Black ~ but this is just a preview of the series!

stay in touch here & we'll make sure you know when we launch our first full digital exhibition.

PS. If you've made it this far in the bottom of the care package, you're a true one. I see you! So here's a bonus playlist of all the songs I listened to while I was putting your package together :)

Until next month!


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