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"meditate in this shark tank"



DEBUT ep OUT April 28

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TIHANEis a Polynesian Croatian artist who blends her Pacific Islander and Eastern European influences in a mixture of exotic melodies and vintage soul. Her multi-cultural collaborations with producers, particularly from East and West Africa, create an enchanting experience of live instrumentation, percussive dance and electronic fusion. 


Since her early years recording with Grammy Award winning writers/producers, TIHANE chose a less traveled path as an independent artist, collaborating with musical pioneers to find a distinguished voice all her own. She has performed at historic venues like L’Olympia (Paris), Bush Hall (UK), Toad’s Place (USA), Soho House (NYC) and groundbreaking festivals like SXSW  (USA), Homecoming (South Africa), Nyege Nyege (Uganda) & African Nouveau (Kenya). She most recently performed for BBC Introducing with UK artist, Wandering Lex & featured solo sets for UK's Stamp The Wax and TEDx.


In 2021, TIHANE sold her first NFT - a mixed media piece dedicated to her grandmother and her Polynesian oceanic ancestors, who inspire her courage to continue navigating the voyage of life as a nomadic artist. Since then, TIHANE has co-hosted monthly events in the metaverse with a Web3 collective she co-founded called, New World Nomads, amplifying multi-cultural voices in the new world of Web3. After winning an open mic competition, TIHANE became an official GALA Music artist and recently sold out her first NFT drop, with collector values tripling on the secondary market.


TIHANE was born in California, raised in Hawaii, called Kenya home for 10 years and currently spends most of her time between L.A. and Ghana.

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I first met the Polynesian-Croatian-American soul artist Tihane, aka Marushka, through her former Nairobi-based music group Cosmic Homies, it was through her that I ended up in Nairobi back in 2017 and she showed me around and all the amazing music the city had to offer. Now Tihane spends her time between Nairobi, Cali where she grew up and all over the world, including Hawaii where her family are from. I have always been obsessed with her voice and musicality, she has an incredibly rich and soulful voice that puts her alongside Nai Palm, India Arie and Amy Winehouse for me. I could listen to her sing all day. Tihane recorded this beautiful session for us and here she described it in her own words: 

“This acoustic baritone ukulele set was inspired by my last trip to my homeland of Hawaii and the trip I took before that, to my newer home-away-from-home, Ghana. As a mixed culture artist, it’s my tendency to blend, brew and bend genres and influences. My life is a series of comings and goings and finding home wherever I am. The sound of my ukulele teleports me to my deepest presence, no matter how far around the world I’ve wandered or what I’ve weathered. This set was recorded in Los Angeles, California ~ in one of my best friend’s living rooms with her velvety, midnight coated cat, Nina Simone, curled up on the couch beside me. This set features 3 original songs and 1 cover, weaving the story of a woman whose love transmutes all fear. I hope it soothes and warms whomever sips it. And offers shelter from the storm.” 

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